I wanted to share a story related to this job advertisement.

We had a candidate for a developer position. He was aged (60+). He appeared as an introvert when he came for the interview. He also made it clear he wanted to do remote working when it was uncommon (12 years ago).

HE WAS THE PERFECT GUY when I looked at his resume since his background matched what we needed to start the project. His answers were short but clear and technically relevant.

We gave it a try.

It required some “twists” in management — especially with younger developers — but he delivered beyond expectations.

Diversity includes aging.



the evil genius in action
  1. Sabotage important projects you are excluded from.

2. Discredit people’s skills you don’t have

3. Pretend great ideas came from you although you ripped them off your colleagues

4. Be the victim when a big issue occurs, not the responsible

5. Force people to make commitments you know they can’t realize, so that they work more and harder

6. Put crazy deadlines so that your team will always feel guilty for not being on time

7. Blame people who deliver bad quality…even though it was impossible to do otherwise

8. Spend hours talking with your colleagues about confidential information you pretend you should not disclose (but you do it anyway to look good)

9. Dig into someone’s intimate problems (the deeper, the better)

10. Make sure people are afraid of you



Marc-Alexandre Cartiant

Marc-Alexandre Cartiant

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